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Why is yoga catching people's attention? The most frequent justification is to increase flexibility and physical fitness. In addition to its physical advantages, yoga also strengthens the mind and opens the door to spiritual enlightenment. Most people's spiritual awakening is what makes yoga a significant part of their lives. This is a wonderful opportunity for personal development that is happening gradually. A better version of oneself is always the goal of yoga.

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Course overview

Yoga has always been practiced to establish a mental and physical connection. That is the idea that the Buddhists had many years ago. Even then, it was obvious that a person is healthier, more aware, and able to function at a higher level when the mind and body are in harmony.

Although there are faster ways to lose weight, yoga can still aid in weight loss. Yoga does not have the same calorie expenditure as aerobic exercise. In comparison to an hour of walking, an hour of yoga will result in you burning about 150 calories. 

Even though yoga offers a beneficial workout, there are other factors involved in weight loss besides calorie burning. Yet another, more subdued influence exists. Yoga heightens consciousness of our bodies and the food we eat to nourish them. If all you eat is burgers and chips, your improved mind-body connection will make you more aware of the dangers of certain foods and encourage you to reach for more positive, life-affirming options. Simply put, toxic food loses its appeal. As a result, most people will choose a salad over a burger.

The body's first line of defense against inflammation and diseases, from the flu to cancer, is a healthy immune system. Your immune system must be in balance to work properly. In order to defend the body against invaders like germs and other impurities, cells, organs, and tissues work together as an army. The immune system creates antibodies to help the body get rid of toxins and heal infections.

Advantages of Meditation

1. Meditation makes you more aware of your inner and outer life. You begin to notice emotions and thoughts you previously denied

2. It gives you insight into how to improve your relationships

3. Being aware allows you to act at the moment rather than acting out of habit. Even if you are unaware of the reason for your behavior, negative emotions can cause you to act in harmful ways. You can deal with these feelings positively if you become aware of them

4. Meditation allows you to be kinder to yourself and others

5. Meditation prevents you from acting on irrational emotions and allows you to weigh facts before acting

6. Meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety

7. Meditation assists you in adapting to changing circumstances

What will i learn?

  • Get rid of internal pain and build your own inner strength
  • Improve your body posture to look better
  • Strengthen your spine so you can move more freely and comfortably as you age
  • Live a disease-free life by boosting your immune system naturally
  • People will start to like you more if you are happier and calmer
  • Get more sleep at night so your body can recover and feel refreshed the next day
  • Get the benefits of both exercising and meditating
  • Get intense focus without the use of caffeine or any other performance-enhancing drugs
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Remain hydrated at all times
  • Don’t practice yoga on a full stomach and avoid alcohol
  • Practicing yoga is as safe as walking. That being said, injuries are still possible, and you should take care to avoid them
  • Every yoga class should begin with warm-up exercises
Curriculum for this course
16 Lessons 00:12:08 Hours
Beginner Asanas
9 Lessons 00:08:01 Hours
  • Mountain pose
    Preview 00:00:36
  • Straight legged pose
    Preview 00:01:18
  • Chair pose
    Preview 00:00:57
  • All direction back stretch
    Preview 00:01:06
  • Upward facing dog pose
    Preview 00:00:49
  • Cat and Cow stretch
    Preview 00:01:06
  • Cobra pose
    Preview 00:00:52
  • Child pose
    Preview 00:00:36
  • Corpse pose
    Preview 00:00:41
Advanced asanas
2 Lessons 00:02:33 Hours
  • The headstand
    Preview 00:01:37
  • The crow
    Preview 00:00:56
Yin Yoga : Anti- stress
5 Lessons 00:01:34 Hours
  • Caterpillar pose
    Preview 00:00:30
  • Frog pose
    Preview 00:00:20
  • Supported bridge
    Preview 00:00:14
  • Supported corpse
    Preview 00:00:14
  • Supta Baddha Konasana
    Preview 00:00:16
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